5 features of electromechanical or hydraulic tube bending machines

5 features of electromechanical or hydraulic tube bending machines

5 features of electromechanical or hydraulic tube bending machines

The five main features of electromechanical tube bending machines and hydraulic tube bending machines

When you need to choose a tube bending machine to complement your specific production process, it is important to know the advantages and disadvantages of various options on the market.

In addition to 100% electric tube bending machines, there are other options with good sustainability standards and excellent bending results.

Below, we explain the main five characteristics of AMOB’s electromechanical and hydraulic tube bending machines!

Electromechanical and hydraulic tube bending machines

First, it is important to define these two types of ranges…

Electromechanical tube bending machines are pieces of machinery that have a electromechanical bending arm, actuated through the use of a pinion and crown wheel, and driven by an electric motor. Alternatively, a hydraulic tube bending machine, as its name implies, employs a hydraulic arm driven by two cylinders and a chain.

Electromechanical Tube Bending Machines – MDH Series

The MDH range is AMOB’s answer to electromechanical machines. MDH tube bending machines have several characteristics that potentially make them the right choice for your application.

1. Economic range – This means a reduction in installed power that will translate into efficiency, cost reduction, and production optimisation.

2. Cylinders – Its curvature mechanism allows the reduction of the number of cylinders used, reducing oil consumption, representing a significant saving in machine maintenance.

3. Tool adjustment – A quick tool change means time and resource optimisation.

4. Compact – The MDH range can vary in length, making it potentially as compact as your workspace allows, or as required.

5. Easy to Operate – This range of machines are great entry level machines for getting started in the world of bending. They are a great choice as a complement to production, prototyping and even market validation.

Electromechanical Tube Bending Machines – MDH Series

Hydraulic Tube Bending Machines – CH Series

The CH range – These hydraulic machines from AMOB are more robust options, and able to respond to the most demanding requirements from the most diverse types of industries.

1. Rigidity – Larger and more robust machines with great precision, capable of producing the most heavy-duty tubes.

2. Booster – The perfect solution for industries with specific requirements, such as heat systems (heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration). The BOOSTER mechanism is integrated into the pressure die carrier.

3. Sub 1.5D radii – Available for almost all types of applications, the CH series can produce a wide range of bending radii, including less than 1.5 times the tubes diameter.

4. Lubrication – The automatic lubrication of the wiper die support reduces the need for maintenance.

5. Lubrication again! – The automatic lubrication of the axes not only reduces the need for maintenance, but also increases the efficiency of the machine!

Hydraulic tube bending machines – CH Series

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