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Amob UK is committed to supporting manufacturers during these uncertain times, we continue to provide the highest standard of tube and pipe bending solutions, through the introduction of compliant Covid secure measures. Critical production lines using Amob machinery remain running effectively and efficiently throughout the UK.
For example our recent installation at SST Technology. A bespoke Amob mandrel bender made to accept the customers substantial pre-existing tooling, capable of bending extremely thin (0.6mm) titanium and Inconel at 1D.
Through detailed and careful planning AMOB were able to safely install the required equipment and with ingenuity the full factory acceptance test was performed to SST Technology and Amob satisfaction via video link.
Amob don't simply provide world leading machinery, we strive and continue to develop long standing successful partnerships.

COVID Compliance - Sales, Installation and Factory Acceptance Testing.

The recent installation at RICOR is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate the superiority of fully electric technology in tube bending machinery.

The advantages of an eMOB mandrel bender are vast and include benefits key to any efficient operation such as energy saving, waste reduction, and increased accuracy and productivity through cycle optimisation.

RICOR are an established manufacturer of metal pressings and welded assemblies and have 40 years of experience in the industry. Based in Studley, RICOR asked AMOB to install a fully electric tube bender with automated production cell for a notable project.

RICOR approached AMOB with detailed requirements for their contract making fuel cell cradles for the hybrid car sector, and with the need to produce 4.5 million parts over 7 years, AMOB were able to reduce bend-time on all parts, up to 9 seconds faster than required.

The fully electric multi stack CNC bending machine was designed, commissioned, delivered, and installed within 5 weeks, and includes an impressive automated loading and unloading cell, complete with weld seam detection and adjustment capability to ensure maximum accuracy and repeatability on all parts over the machines lifetime.

The future of cars may lie in fully electric technology, at Amob we have already embraced the benefits of Fully Electric machinery.

Amob Fully Electric eMob Mandrel Bender - RICOR

Ricor Amob Tube Bender
Amob eMob Mandrel Bender- Ricor
metalcraft Tube Bending machine
Another successful delivery; Metalcraft Industries UK Ltd!
Stage two of MetalCraft Industries UK Ltd’s upgrade to AMOB tube bending machinery occurred flawlessly last week, with the installation of their brand-new machine, after having helped in the removal of Metalcraft’s older machine last month.
The final stage coming later next month will be the fully in-house training, at which point Metalcraft Ltd UK will be ready to reap the benefits of their brand-new CNC tube bending machine and take their business to new heights!

CNC Tube Bender For Metalcraft UK

Amob Tube Bender Metalcraft

Lawrence Laser Cutting

Lawrence Laser Cutting based in Herfrodshire are among the most recent companies to benefit from the opportunities afforded by owning an AMOB mandrel bender.
Among laser cutting services, Lawrence Laser Cutting currently supports customers with a variety of metalworking services, including vehicle exhaust parts. These exhaust parts are manufactured in part through the skillful art of metal spinning. Pairs of spun discs are welded together to make donut shapes, which are then cut in 4 to create 90° bends ready for use in exhaust fabrication.
Owner Elliot approached AMOB UK after receiving enquiries for multi-bend parts, and after realising that the market was already there, understood that it would not be long until an investment in a tube bender from AMOB UK would be paying for itself.
As with all AMOB supplied benders, AMOB UK completed full in-house training to allow all operators of the machine to be confident in their ability to operate the machine competently, while also reassuring a lifetime of technical support. 
In manufacturing there is a delicate balance between technology and skill, and with the addition of an NC bender, Lawrence Laser Cutting has now got his feet planted firmly in both skill sets, allowing for incredible growth in business opportunities for the future.
Lawrence Laser Cutting
Lawrence Laser Cutting
AMOB UK are delighted to announce that we have been JOSCAR re accredited and pre-qualified to supply Aerospace, Defence & Security Sectors, having satisfied all the necessary requirements as set out by ADS and participating buying organisations!

AMOB UK - JOSCAR Accredited

Amob Joscar accredited
Joscar - Amob accredited
LA Lightbars (Boston, UK) are the most recent company to realise the potential of in-house fabrication and have now joined the AMOB team by investing in a brand-new MDH-90-CN2 mandrel bender to bend 63.5mm OD stainless for their application, with the capacity to bend up to 90mm OD x 4mm wall if needed.
LA Lightbars design and manufacture a wide range of high quality polished stainless-steel custom lightbars, catwalks, side skirts, toolboxes, and A-frames for trucks & vans. Until now, LA Lightbars had preferred to outsource a local third-party fabricator to produce their tube bending designs, but soon realised that the rapid growth of their company necessitated a more hands-on and in-house approach. When asked about the decision making process in buying an AMOB machine, a spokesperson said that they were aware that within the not too distant future, their fabricator was likely to retire, and that it was a ‘no brainer’ to invest in bringing the NC electric tube bender into their own premises and learn the skills needed to fabricate their own products in their own building, and on their own terms. As with many AMOB customers asked the same question, LA Lightbars believe that their investment in an AMOB mandrel bender would quickly be returned in part due to how well the machine allows them to far better serve their customers.
The MDH-90-CN2 is a very popular machine with fabricators using thin walled tube. Thanks to its versatility and simplicity, combined with its status as an entry level machine that is inexpensive to run, it will allow LA Lightbars to grow their range and continue their rapid growth as a company that they have been experiencing for the best part of the last decade, continuing at the top of their field for years to come in partnership with AMOB UK.

Amob MDH-90-CN2 For LA Lightbars

LA lightbars Amob Tube bender
LA Lightbars Amob Tube bending machine
For 40 years the team at Torqit, NSW, has dominated the market with their future focused intuitive thinking, bringing new designs in vehicle performance enhancement to the Australian market. Due to the continual growth of Torqit, the company recently relocated to a bigger premises, and with that in mind, they chose AMOB UK to be the supplier of a mandrel bender they could trust would keep up with their rapidly expanding business.

Keeping true to their core ethics, and after deciding that the large capacity eMOB-130 was the correct choice in machine, Torqit added a variety of performance enhancing optional extras of their own to the model, ensuring the best possible product would be made by the best possible machine.

AMOB were able to provide a turnkey solution for Torqit which included linking their fully electric eMOB-130 to a robotic coordinate measuring machine (CMM), enabling them to not only inspect the part, but also enabling the machine to automatically adjust and correct material spring back values batch by batch.
Torqit Amob Tube bender
Torqit Amob Tube Bender

Amob UK - Torqit Australian Installation

Green’s recent investment in an AMOB CNC multi-axis mandrel bending machine with booster bender now enables much more expeditious production of tube heat exchangers ranging from 20mm ⌀ to 114mm ⌀.

The specific challenge faced with manufacturing tube heat exchangers is being able to manufacture tub coils with a tight centerline radius (CLR). For instance, the CLR on a Green’s economiser is typically 1D (1 x diameter) or less. A skilled welder is then required to weld each bend, requiring weeks in production when an economiser typically has over 800 tubes.

This time-expensive manufacturing process combined in addition with varying tube diameters and materials between models of economiser lead Green’s to decide on investing in an enhanced automation solution from AMOB UK.

Green’s investment in AMOB’s tube manipulation technology means that they can not only significantly improve the design of their heat exchanger units by having less welded joints, but also increase the efficiency of producing them, demonstrating their commitment to invest in production to improve productivity and support customers’ requirements.

Green’s complete installation and training of AMOB CH-120-CNC with Booster

2021 Days away! and its farewell to our last machine for 2020 delivery and installation, a busy year. We are all set for 2021. Brexit and Covid obstacles negotiated, on with installation, factory acceptance testing and staff training at TBI Manufacturing Ltd, on their new eMOB-32LR CNC tube bender, starting next week! With all 2020 has brought, we would like to sincerely thank all of our customers - new partners and friends and wish them a prosperous safe 2021 and beyond.
Amob Tube Bending Machine Transport

eMob-32LR CNC Tube Bender For TBI Manufacturing

BAE Systems – One of the largest defence contractors in the world – have chosen AMOB as supplier for their new tube bending cell. The eMOB-100 fully electric tube bender was implemented into the company’s pipe shop in Scotstoun, Glasgow, to bend all of the piping on the upcoming Type 26 frigate – which is used to hunt submarines. With the system including 49 different tool sets, the installation and training team were with BAE for just under two weeks.

The customer’s requirements were clear and detailed – a fully electric tube bending machine with all available add-ons, to give them the most up-to-date system possible. The eMOB-100 was the perfect machine for the job. The whole project – from request for quote through to delivery – was just under two years long, which included visits to the manufacturing facility in Porto, Portugal, as well as existing customers (notably the Jaguar Land Rover plant in Gaydon) and a three-day factory acceptance test (FAT).
BAE install Amob Tube Bending Machines

BAE Systems - Amob eMob-100

eMob-32LR CNC Tube Bender Installed At TBI Manufacturing

Amob Tube Bending Machine Transport
At AMOB UK we will not let any challenges slow us down. That is why we have started 2021 as we mean to go on. We are proud to say that the first week of January we have completed training for TBI Manufacturing’s brand new eMOB 32LR CNC tube bending machine. This machine was fully installed, commissioned, and trained with the safety of our staff and our customers at the front of our mind. 2020 delivered challenges to the accepted norm, but at AMOB UK we have overcome them and continued stronger than ever. At AMOB UK we look forward to working with TBI Manufacturing for many years to come, and are excited for them to realise the true potential from them brand new mandrel bender.

eMob 52 For Race Spec Cages Ltd

Race Spec Cages Tube Bending area
Race Spec Cages have been producing custom designed roll cages for motor sport for 10 years, the recent addition to their existing three Amob tube bending area came in the form of a fully electric eMob52. James from RSC said ' Although our existing Amob NC benders were bought when we started, they are still going strong and have been extremely reliable, with that and considering Amobs first class support and tooling availability, our business is growing so it has made perfect sense to invest in a fully electric CNC model. We've had it a few months now and to be honest CNC was the way forward for us in terms of production efficiency gains. Next day tooling and remote machine access if needed has kept us running flat out.'
A weekend installation at RICOR Group. With covid guidelines adhered to AMOB UK engineers travelled to site this weekend to deliver and install another Amob tube bender, on time. With our world leading machines, partnership working and our commitment to your schedule these are major factors and a testament to why many customers are buying their second and third AMOB machines!

Another Amob Tube Bending Machine For RICOR

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