The Amob MDH 35 CN1 Tube Bending Machine   comes from our standard-issue range. Simplicity, strength and accuracy are the key features of this especially relevant cost-effective line. This electric tube bending machines is robust and easily adapted to different industrial and non-industrial situations. With quick set up and easy to operate for a seasoned engineer or apprentice. Bending tube up to 35mm OD, an easy and obvious choice for those starting up a tube bending business or for small to medium projects.  As standard, this electric tube bending machine comes with a hydraulic mandrel extractor, hydraulic clamp and pressure die, as a result it guarantees a good-quality bend finish. Tooling is not included a complete range of tooling options are available to order separately.
Tube Bending Machines from this range are are all equipped with AMOB NC touchscreen that is easy to operate controls. Tooling not included. Free UK Delivery Terms and Conditions apply.
tube bending machine MDH35CN1
Electric NC tube bender Key points
AMOB MDH specifications table
The MDH Series
Hydraulic POB clamp
: NC plane of bend positioner equipped with hydraulic clamp.
Special purpose tooling: On request, MDH series can be equipped with special tooling.
Magnetic flip stops: Easy-to-setup, sequentially-adjustable magnetic flip stops for the X axis.
User-friendly touch screen controller: The Electric NC Tube Bending Machine MDH Series are all equipped with AMOB NC touchscreen easy-to-operate controls.
Direct-acting pressure die cylinder: Pressure die cylinder is mounted in tube’s centerline plane to resist bending forces.
Built in storage: MDH Series electric bending machines feature built-in storage for tooling and accessories

Amob Tube Bending Machine MDH-35-CN1

MDH 35 CN1 Tube Bending Machine

Amob MDH Tube Bending Machine
Amob MDH tube bending machines
Condition:   NEW
Delivery:     UK Free
Warranty:   12 Months
MPN:           MDH35-CN1
Machine only, Tooling not included.
£14995.00 + VAT
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