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MPN          MAM 50-2
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Two driven rolls.
Standard tooling included.
Adjustable lateral guide rolls .
Variable speed rolling (13.6 to 27.2 RPM).
Horizontal & vertical working position.
Foot pedal with safety device .
240v, 50Hz, Single Phase.
Single Pinch.
1.5hp motor.
50mm shaft diameter.
Manual top roll adjustment.
Designed and manufactured by AMOB in Portugal

Flat bar (hard way)                  60mmx10mm x Ø900mm minimum diameter
Flat bar (easy way)                  80mm x15mm x Ø700mm minimum diameter
Square bar                               35mm x35mm x Ø1000mm minimum diameter
Round bar                               Ø35mm x Ø900mm minimum diameter
Round tube                              Ø60mm x 2mm x Ø1100mm minimum diameter
Round pipe                              Ø48.3mm x2.9mm x Ø1000mm minimum diameter
Rectangular box (hard way)    50mm x 40mm x 3mm
Square tube                             40mm x 40mm x 3mm
Angle (toe out)                        50mm x 50mm x 5mm x Ø800mm minimum diameter
Angle (toe in)                          50mm x 50mm x 5mm x Ø950mm minimum diameter
T section (toe out)                   50mm x 5mm x Ø700mm minimum diameter
T section (toe in)                     50mm x 5mm x Ø900mm minimum diameter
T section (toe up/down)          50mm x 5mm x  Ø900mm minimum diameter
U channel (toe out)                  UPN 60 x Ø900mm minimum diameter
U channel (toe in)                    UPN 60 x Ø1300mm minimum diameter
All specification based on yield strength of 240N/mm2)

Standard Tooling
Upper Roll Tooling (smooth)
146mm OD x 15mm Thick x 2
98mm OD x 5mm Thick x 1
98mm OD x 10mm Thick x 1
98mm OD x 20mm Thick x 2
98mm OD x 30mm Thick x 1
Lower Roll Tooling (knurled)
146mm OD x 15mm Thick x 2
98mm OD x 5mm Thick x 1
98mm OD x 10mm Thick x 1
98mm OD x 20mm Thick x 2
98mm OD x 30mm Thick x 1

All round tube and pipe rolls are kept in stock ready for delivery with this machine. Please contact us for a price. Some applications may require optional tooling. Please contact us with your specific application.
Price includes VAT and a full VAT invoice will be supplied with the machine.
manual rolls

Amob - MAM - 50/2 Roll Bending Machine

AMOB Power Ring Roller MAM-50/2 Section Roll Bender Rollers

AMOB’s MAM series of manual top roll profile bending machines are an entry level to the biggest range of section benders in the world. They are extremely user-friendly and the most economical way of roll bending a wide variety of different profiles. The top roll position is manually adjusted with a linear scale for repeatability. There are also locking nuts to secure the top roll position to ensure repeatability in single pass production runs. The MAM series features both two and three driven rolls to suit every application - the three driven roll machines suit tighter radiuses and minimise material marking. The MAM series’ simplicity and reliability ensures that anyone from apprentices through to experienced workers will easily maximise the capabilities of these machines. Both horizontal and vertical working positions ensure that even in the smallest work spaces an MAM series pro le bender will have its place. The MAM series is a great, cost-effective way to get into the profile bending market.
Price includes VAT and a full VAT invoice will be supplied with the machine.
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