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Amob PT76 Rotary Draw Non Mandrel Bending Machine
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£10200.00 inc. VAT
AMOB Rotary Draw Bender cover the needs of those bending large centre line radiuses and above. Usually these tubes do not require a mandrel which promotes quick tooling changeover and reduced setup time.
With great portability and a small footprint our non mandrel tube benders can be easily moved around the production area. With a numerically controlled stop system they also promote both reliability and repeatability.
User-friendly controller: PT series machines are equipped with easy-to-operate digital readout controls. This rotary draw tube bending machine can be used by both the most seasoned operator and a newly appointed apprentice.
Condition:   NEW
Delivery:     Next Day
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Warranty:   12 Months
MPN:            PT-76
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Amob PT-76 Rotary Draw Non Mandrel Bending Machine

Maximum capacity Ø 76 x 4 mm
Y axis accuracy ± 0,5⁰
Maximum Bending Radius 300 mm
1.5Kw Motor
Universal tooling bed
Quick tool change
User-friendly controller
PT series machines are equipped with easy-to- operate digital readout controls.
Permutable shaft for tight radius bending
400v, 50Hz, Three Phase.
Designed and manufactured by AMOB in Portugal
All round tube and pipe dies are kept in stock ready for delivery with this machine. Please contact us for a price.
Price includes VAT and a full VAT invoice will be supplied with the machine.
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