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AMOB United Kingdom
Headquarters for AMOB United Kingdom – Coventry showroom

AMOB UK provides one of the biggest ranges of specialised equipment for the tube and pipe bending industry worldwide. Solutions range from simple machinery, to complex fully electric CNC powered systems. As a leading manufacturer specialising in mandrel bending, rotary draw bending, and section bending, AMOB UK designs & develops products for bespoke applications in a range of industries. These industries include automobile, shipping, offshore installations, aeronautics, chemical, construction, and power.

CNC Tube Bending Machines and Section Roll Bender Machines by AMOB – the world leading manufacturer.

We are focused on providing fast and expert technical support to our existing and new customers. This includes training, tooling, software support and spare parts.


AMOB Portugal -  Tube Bending Macines
Headquarters for AMOB in Portugal

Founded in 1960 by António Martins Oliveira Barros (A M O B), his footsteps were followed by his son Manuel Barros and subsequently his grandchildren Inês Barros and Manuel António Barros. AMOB has progressively become the world’s leading manufacturer of metalworking technologies. This is due not least to providing one of the biggest ranges of specialised equipment for the tube and pipe bending industry worldwide.

We serve the global market with exceptional machinery and tooling for tube and pipe bending, section bending and swaging purposes – ranging from simple off the shelf solutions to bespoke, fully electric CNC powered systems.

AMOB designs, develops, retails and services a variety of products for a range of leading industrial industries including automobile and shipping, aeronautics and construction amongst many others.

AMOB Forming Technology Solutions: Tube and Pipe Bending Machines
AMOB Portugal


There is a proud history of manufacturing in Portugal at AMOB, employing over 140 staff members at our main plant in Porto. Our recently-renewed headquarters covers 18000m², and is equipped with the highest technological production equipment. This facility includes CNC machining centres, lathes and milling machines, as well as sheet metal cutting and bending machinery for extremely high fabrication standards. It is no stretch to claim that AMOB are a complete package, turnkey solution provider.


Our products are designed in our technical department by a team of highly-skilled engineers. We offer competitive solutions without compromising on quality. Over the years, AMOB has grown with our customers requirements and the market demand. We’re just as passionate about growing and developing our products as we are about our client relationships.

Global Presence

In addition to AMOB’s proud history of manufacturing in Portugal, elsewhere, AMOB has commercial facilities Brazil, Spain, Benelux, France, United Kingdom and a worldwide network of over 70 agencies and technical centres. Because of this, AMOB can provide customer support wherever you are!


AMOB Australia

AMOB UK are not just based within the United Kingdom! We also have an established presence in Australia and New Zealand. 


AMOB Ireland

AMOB UK are not just confined to the borders of the United Kingdom! We are also proud to supply machines to our close neighbors in Ireland.