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AMOB Australia

AMOB Australia

AMOB UK are not just based within the United Kingdom! We also have an established presence in Australia and New Zealand. Teams of AMOB Group and AMOB UK engineers are regularly in the region, as well as a comprehensive network of trusted dealers and agents.

AMOB Australia - Tube and Bending Machines

Despite being 10,000 miles away, AMOB UK offers unlimited ongoing support with your AMOB machinery.

This includes:

  • In person service engineers directly from the UK or Portuguese facilities. *
  • Network-enabled remote diagnosis and 24-hour support directly from the factory. †
  • Trusted and proven service agents based locally in Australia and New Zealand. ‡

Talk to our team!

To talk to a mandrel bending expert, get in contact with AMOB UK today!

Call us on +44 (0)2475 09 23 53, or email us at for more information on your bending requirements.

More information

More information on the services provided by AMOB UK in Australia, both remotely and locally:

*On average, AMOB engineers spend several months per year in Australia, and this number is growing exponentially. This means there can almost always be a direct and physical link between the factory and Australasia. With engineers in the area so often, clients need never worry about the distance between them and AMOB UK again!

† AMOB CNC bending machines can connect to the internet, enabling constant software support and updates throughout the life of the machine. Crucially, this connection also allows technical engineers to remotely connect to the bending machine and help resolve any issues. This 24-hour remote access enables any issue to be quickly and efficiently solved to get your production back up and running once more. Distance to the factory is as close as it can be with network connectivity!

‡ AMOB UK works closely with a network of trusted dealers and service agents In Australia and beyond. This system of Australian based personnel can fix any physical issue that may arise at any given time, even should a factory representative not be available.