AMOB UK Empowers JK Design with Mandrel Bender

AMOB UK Empowers JK Design with Mandrel Bender

AMOB UK Empowers JK Design with Mandrel Bender

AMOB UK Empowers JK Design and Manufacture Ltd with State-of-the-Art mandrel bender.

In a significant stride towards enhancing their fabrication capabilities, AMOB UK proudly announces another successful installation of a new bending machine, this time at JK Design and Manufacture Ltd’s manufacturing facility.

Revolutionising Manufacturing Processes

Prior to the installation of the MDH-60-CN2 mandrel bender, JK Design faced challenges in their fabrication process. The company frequently required welded assemblies involving seven pieces of stainless tube, a process they previously outsourced. However, high costs and extended lead times of at least three weeks prompted JK Design to seek an in-house solution to meet their production demands efficiently.

Collaboration between AMOB UK and JK Design

After careful consideration, Nottingham based company JK Design and Manufacture Ltd chose AMOB UK as their supplier due to the company’s outstanding service, product quality, and commitment to meeting their specific needs. According to Jackie, JK Design and Manufacture’s Managing Director, the decision was driven by AMOB UK’s dedication to ensuring satisfaction throughout the entire process. ‘I was impressed with the service, quality of product, and the effort to ensure that what AMOB supplied was sufficient for our needs,’ she said.

Following the successful installation, JK Design expressed confidence in AMOB UK’s ongoing support, affirming their belief that the AMOB team will provide continuing support throughout the lifespan of the machine. ’I am very impressed with the service from the start of the process and including delivery, installation, and training. I am very confident that the AMOB team will offer ongoing support to JK Design,’ Jackie continued.

Benefits for JK Design and Manufacture Ltd

The introduction of the MDH-60-CN2 machine is expected to revolutionise JK Design’s manufacturing process significantly. By bringing the fabrication process in-house, JK Design anticipates not only cost savings but also increased flexibility and customer satisfaction. The ability to respond promptly to customer demands and exercise greater control over production will undoubtedly propel JK Design to new heights of success.


Having this process inhouse is a huge benefit. Not only does it excite the team (new investment and new processes to learn and add to our portfolio) but it will enable us to immediately respond to customer demands, thus offering greater customer satisfaction. Being able to control the process inhouse will also yield many benefits.’ – Jackie Wilson Managing Director of JK Design and Manufacture Ltd

Rob Manners, the Service and Start-Up Manager at AMOB UK, expressed satisfaction with the installation process and highlighted the positive impact the MDH-60-CN2 mandrel bender will have on JK Design’s fabrication capabilities.

The install went smoothly, and we’re excited to see how this machine will enhance JK Design’s fabrication processes going forward,’ said Rob Manners.

Tom Wood, the Managing Director of AMOB UK, praised the seamless execution of the project from start to finish, underscoring the collaborative efforts between JK Design and AMOB UK.

The process from start to finish has been a textbook example of a great project. We’re grateful for the trust from Jackie and her team, and we’re keen to see how they leverage this new capability to drive their business forward,’ commented Tom Wood.

Future Prospects and Growth Opportunities

The installation of the MDH-60-CN2 machine marks a significant advancement for JK Design, empowering them to meet the evolving demands of their customers with efficiency and precision. AMOB UK remains committed to supporting JK Design on their journey towards excellence in manufacturing.