Boiler Tube Bending Machine for CNC fabrication of high-end boiler

Boiler Tube Bending Machine for CNC fabrication of high-end boiler

Boiler Tube Bending Machine for  CNC fabrication of high-end boiler

Boiler Tube Bending Machine for CNC fabrication of high-end boiler and heat exchange systems.

With the recent installation of their brand-new tube bending machine, our new customer is now ready to take the next leap into their future of CNC fabrication of high-end boiler tube and heat exchange systems.

Bending material for boiler systems and heat exchangers comes with unique set of requirements in the tube bending world. That is, to empty bend thick-walled tube at very tight radii. Sometimes the radius can be as low as 1D (This means 1x the outside diameter of the tube being bent!). This is a tight radius for material to be formed, while also avoiding bending deformations such as flattening, kinking, wrinkling, or splitting.

CH-120 CNC Booster

Additionally, bending at such tight radii brings second challenge, due to the nature of boiler tube systems being serpentine bends. Tight bend, straight, tight bend, straight, repeat. Combined with the tightness of the bends, the repetitive and continuous nature of this application involves bent tube occupying space where tooling would otherwise need to exist. Because of this, AMOB have developed an ingenious ‘up and over’ clap die movement. This slim clamp die design and non-linear movement path allows the forming die to navigate up and between tight spaces.

As previously touched on, this tube bending machine was especially provided to this customer for uninterrupted bends. The CH-120 CNC Booster has a specifically designed through-collet to allow unlimited lengths of tube to be passed through the machine. This effectively gives this machine an infinite useful length.

Finding solutions!

Problem solving is what AMOB UK do best. We pride ourselves on being the turnkey package solution to problems that many suppliers are unable to solve. Whatever your unique fabrication, AMOB UK can rise to the occasion for your bespoke fabrication application!

AMOB UK are excited to have our new partners join us and share our commitment; to serve our customers at the highest levels possible.

Boiler Tube Bending Machine CH-120-CN-B AT A GLANCE

  • Hydraulic mandrel bender with booster
  • Maximum capacity: 114.3mm outside diameter (OD) x 8.6mm wall thickness
  • Y axis accuracy: +/- 0.1 degrees
  • Z axis accuracy: +/- 0.1 degrees
  • Maximum Bending Radius: 340mm
  • Useful Length: 4000mm
  • 3 Axis CNC
  • Hydraulic mandrel Extractor as Standard
  • Hydraulic Pressure Die as Standard
  • CNC Hydraulic Pressure Die Assist as Standard
  • Former Die Withdrawing System as Standard
  • Spring Back Compensation Calibration Storage as Standard
  • Swing Away Clamp Die System
  • Automatic Mandrel Lubrication
  • Split Die Hydraulic Clamping System
  • Custom colour paint job
Boiler Tube Bending Machine AMOB
CH-B Series CNC Boiler Tube Bender AMOB


If you have any questions, or would like to learn more about AMOB’s range of tube bending machines for your own application, call us on +44 (0) 2475 09 23 53 or email us!