CEANDESS LTD Expands Capabilities with New Mandrel Bender

CEANDESS LTD Expands Capabilities with New Mandrel Bender

CEANDESS LTD Expands Capabilities with New Mandrel Bender

Wolverhampton Manufacturer CEANDESS LTD Adds a String to Their Fabrication Bow with New Mandrel Bender Investment.

In a strategic move to expand their product capabilities and capture new markets, CEANDESS Ltd, a prominent Midlands-based engineering and fabrication company with a rich history dating back to 1924, has recently invested in a cutting-edge mandrel bending machine from AMOB UK. This acquisition of an MDH-90-CN3 mandrel bender marks a significant milestone for CEANDESS Ltd as they continue to evolve and innovate within the metal engineering industry over a century after their founding.


Founded by Chilcot, Stephens & Scott in the early 20th century, CEANDESS Ltd has been instrumental in the development and supply of filler caps, necks, and filters, especially catering to the British motorcycle and car industries. Now, with the addition of the MDH-90-CN3 mandrel bender, CEANDESS Ltd is poised to revolutionise their current business model by incorporating formed down tube assemblies into their product portfolio.

Expanding Product Range

Edward Davies, Managing Director of CEANDESS Ltd, highlighted the key motivations behind this investment, ‘We purchased the machine to help expand our product range. Many of our filler caps and necks require formed down tube assemblies, and we wanted to capture that market. [Currently], many of our customers purchase our caps and bases, [but] then go elsewhere to supply the tube part of the assembly.’ With this AMOB UK supplied machine, CEANDESS Ltd can now supply the entire product. Furthermore, Davies expressed interest in branching out, continuing, ‘We would also like to expand into new markets such as street furniture, barriers etc. in the near future.’

AMOB UK TEAM: training and support

Speaking on the exceptional support from AMOB UK, Davies praised the aftercare and training, ‘AMOB UK aftercare has been great so far. We have had one-day training, and it was delivered well. The instructor Rob was able to impart a lot of knowledge. We look forward to further training once we have had a bit of time on the machine.’

The successful installation of this MDH-90-CN3 mandrel bender offers CEANDESS Ltd a key advantage with its CN3 capability, ‘The machine will open new sales streams for us and as it is CN3 capable we will be able to offer competitive rates for tube products said Davies. Ed continued by emphasising the suitability of the AMOB UK machine, stating, ‘AMOB UK offered the right machine for us, a simple operating system with CNC capability’.

AMOB UK Celebrates Partnership with CEANDESS Ltd

Tom Wood, Managing Director of AMOB UK, expressed enthusiasm over the partnership, stating in a LinkedIn post, ‘It’s great to see CEANDESS Ltd already producing quality parts with their brand new AMOB UK MDH-90-CN3 mandrel bender. This has been the perfect start to a new partnership!

In addition to this, Project Manager of AMOB UK, George Ingram, celebrated the smooth collaboration with CEANDESS Ltd, remarking, ‘The course of this project was a pleasure, where everything went smoothly from first contact to eventual project sign-off! Congratulations to CEANDESS Ltd on their 100-year anniversary and may the next 100 be equally successful!

This investment into the MDH-90-CN3 tube bending machine signifies CEANDESS’ commitment to innovation and market expansion, even after a century in the sector, and firmly positions them amongst the frontrunners in the ever-evolving landscape of engineering and fabrication. This move not only enhances CEANDESS’ product range, but also underscores their dedication to meeting the needs of their customers and venturing into new and exciting markets.

We wish all the best to CEANDESS Ltd in all their future endeavours, and we look forward to working closely with them throughout the lifetime of their AMOB machine.


Ø CN1 models control only the bend angle of the tube via NC automation. Operators of this machine are required to rotate and position the tube between bends, if necessary.

Ø CN2 models include NC bend angle operation and NC tube rotation. Operators of these machines are only required to position the tube between bends, if necessary. 

Ø CN3 models include NC bend angle operation, NC tube rotation and NC positioning of the tube. Operators of these machines can run all steps from the control panel to produce a complete multi-bend part.

 Ø CNC models include CNC bend angle operation, CNC tube rotation and CNC positioning of the tube. Operators of these machines run all steps with the press of a button to produce a complete multi-bend part, with the advantage of many more CNC features.