Discover 5 features of the bending software - CNC Tube Benders

Discover 5 features of the bending software

Discover 5 features of the bending software

When you buy a tube bending machine, you’re not just relying on the physical components that make up the bender; The wiper die. The clamp die. The mandrel. The motors. You are also relying on a more often overlooked aspect of a what makes powerful machine. The unseen driving force of the machine, and the star of the show, the software. The software is the difference between a capable machine, and an irreplaceable machine. It is what realises both the machines potential, and also the operator’s potential.

AMOB have always taken pride in not only training operators to use the use our machines properly, but also in giving them the tools to succeed on their own. By making great, easy to use 3D bending software.

In 2021 AMOB once again improved its already advanced 3D bending software even more – keen to never fall behind in being the leader of innovation, design, and development. Not only can you be confident in the physical machine’s quality, but also in the driving force behind the scenes. The software to a tube bending machine acts as the direct link between your operator, and the end-product. Because of this, AMOB strive to make user experience as intuitive, instinctive, and user-friendly as possible.

Amazing 3D bending software from AMOB!

1. User Friendly Experience

People are inherently visual. As such, to improve user experience, AMOB’s new software focuses on intuitive visual prompts and images. Long gone are monotonous data entry fields with endless text. Bright attractive visual menus are designed to engage the operator in a logical order to produce parts more effectively. It’s also easy on the eyes!

2. Anti-collision simulator

AMOB’s state-of-the-art anti-collision simulator models and displays the step-by-step operation of every program. Because of this intelligence, the software can not only predict any conflict issues, but display them on screen. Not least, this intelligent software helps reduce waste by removing trial-and-error based job setups. You’ll also be reassured that you are less likely to cause damage to your investment with easy to avoid mistakes! However, this feature also creates a more instinctive understanding of how the 3D space is being utilised around the machine. In turn this gives the operator a more intuitive sense of how the process will unfold. An extremely valuable understanding for effective processes.

3. User level access

Our software allows creation of different users with different levels of access, including corresponding permissions. Editing programs, creating tools, and changing cycles can be restricted to only higher-level users, while some operators may only have the ability to run the program.

4. Self-diagnosis and resolution expertise

Machines with AMOB’s brand new, state-of-the-art 3D bending software are automatic self-diagnosing experts. The machines can alert the operator in the event of any errors, and even advises for resolutions. It indicates what the error is, why it’s happened, and how it may be resolved. It is also possible to see the full history of alarms to allow for context for the current error. These machines know not only why they are broken, but how to go about fixing itself! The data that these machine store is massive. The 3D bending software will keep track and indicate production values, total parts, number of parts per program, and more. On top of this, it records working time, average time per part, and many other indicators of efficiency.

5. Manual Mode Access

Despite its innovative nature, AMOB have ensured to keep the software as simple as it can be. For example, the possibility to use the manual mode at any time in every menu via a permanent widget. This saves lots of time while setting up new tools. Every time that the operator needs to move the machine manually, they do not need to leave the menu he is working in.

There are many reasons that AMOB is always at the forefront of high-quality metal forming technology. Amazing 3D bending software is one of them. The software on AMOB machines make them intelligent, easy to use, and driven by efficiency and effectiveness. In short, by better connecting the operator to the technology, and making fabrication more intuitively effortless, manufacturing becomes easy!

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