Discover why the CH series revolutionises tube bending!

Discover why the CH series revolutionises tube bending!

Discover why the CH series revolutionises tube bending!

Stability, rigidity, and low power consumption. This is what make the CH series.
In light of the ever-increasing demands of the market, AMOB has continually been improving its CH series tube bending machines to match the high standard always demanded by its customers.

Machines in this range are capable of processing tube and pipe from Ø5mm up to a huge Ø420mm OD. This wide variety makes these bending machines very versatile, and compatible with almost all sectors. Capable of storing tool configurations, they also allow elasticity return (spring back) compensation. Additionally, they include 3D simulation technology and, in their latest version, all axes are fully automatic.
The CH series is equipped with the latest and most intuitive software on the market – AMOB’s very own 3D software. Not only is it capable of importing 3D files, it also has many other features! The software allows direct programming using coordinates (X, Y, Z radii) or LRA, as well as the importing of CAD files. Multi-user, customisable permissions and access levels, production traceability, errors, and machine events (with the possibility of exporting data in .CSV files, integration with a database or OPC server) and configurable automatic backups.

Below are five options of this series capable of revolutionising any production process!

1. Automatic loading system – To maximise your machine’s efficiency, an automatic loading system can be added.

2. Integrated cutting – One of the most requested additions, this saw allows for a quick separation of finished curved pieces while keeping tube in the machine.

3. Split die system – With a split die system, the former die is split horizontally, allowing for the manufacture of rectangular and square tube sizes.

4. Compound bend rotary clamp die – A tool that allows bends without straight parts between them.

4. Swing-away clamp die system – A tool that allows the bending of tight serpentines without material clashing into the former die. 

Tube Bending Machines: Tube, Pipe and Profile Bending Technology.

In truth, the list of optional auxiliary equipment that can be integrated onto a tube bending machine or cell. However, we have chosen to highlight the five most popular ones to highlight this.

That said, the best way to find the perfect solution to your bending application is to discuss it with us! Our expert team are available to advise professional and practical solutions from decades of experience, just a phone call away.

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