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eMOB 52 2 Bend to Harrower Tube Bending

eMOB 52 2 Bend to Harrower Tube Bending

Harrower Tube Bending – New eMOB 52 2 Bend.

Harrower family owned and run, metal manufacturing, tube bending and machining business located on the north side of Bendigo, in Central Victoria. They specialise in CNC Mandrel Bending, CNC Tube Measuring and CNC Machining. Their work mainly involves custom-made products to suit specific customer requirements and specialty lies in our innovative ideas and attention to detail.

Harrower are now ready to take their CNC bending specialty to the next level, with the help of an eMOB 52 2 Bend. This left and right capable bending machine is truly set to improve their ability to serve the Australian market with bespoke and prototyping projects.

As mentioned previously, AMOB prides itself on its post-delivery relationship with customers that not even ten thousand miles and half a world could obstruct. As part of this post-delivery relationship, AMOB offers a three-layered ongoing operations and maintenance support program as standard with every eMOB tube bender. Whether you are from the UK, Australia, or anywhere in between, AMOB can continue to assist you in getting the most from your mandrel bender over the life of the machine.

All eMOB machines are network connected, allowing operators to request remote assistance 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world. This connection enables engineers at AMOB’s own factory to gain access to the machine, and for troubleshooting and software repairs to be made remotely and instantaneously.

Fully Electric CNC Tube Bending Machine – eMOB 52 2 Bend Video

At AMOB we look forward to working with Harrower for many years to come, and are excited for them to realise the true potential from them brand new eMOB 52 2 Bend in 2021 and beyond.