Fully electric CNC bender for hybrid car sector -

Fully electric CNC bender for hybrid car sector

Fully electric CNC bender for hybrid car sector

The installation at RICOR is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate the superiority of fully electric technology in tube bending machinery.

The advantages of a fully electric bender are extensive, and include benefits key to almost any efficient operation no matter the sector. Advantages such as energy saving, waste reduction, higher accuracy, and increased productivity through cycle optimisation. These are inarguably key indicators of performance success in any fabrication setting regardless of industry.

Based in Studley, RICOR are an established manufacturer of metal pressings and welded assemblies with over forty years of experience in business. Built up over these many years, RICOR have developed a deep and comprehensive expertise in the assembly of their products. Throughout these years they have gained an understanding of the value of improving their production lines. ‘It was very clear from the start that RICOR were keen on raising the bar on currently accepted manufacturing standards’, said Tom Wood, Managing Director of AMOB UK.

Fully Electric CNC Bender to reduce bend-time

RICOR approached AMOB UK to install a fully electric tube bender for an automated production cell in a notable project. This project, to bend almost 5 million parts in seven years was the motivation for finding a machine that could deliver in quality. RICOR contacted AMOB UK with detailed requirements for their contract of making fuel cell cradles for the hybrid car sector. During the factory acceptance testing, AMOB were able to reduce bend-time on all eight individual parts. Reducing cycle times by up to 9 seconds than what was required. With the need to produce 4.5 million parts over 7 years, this amounts to a significant number of accumulative hours, and days, saved over the lifetime of the machine.

Fully Electric CNC Bender Emob 42
Fully Electric CNC Bender Emob 42

Additional automatic loading and unloading system

In addition to the main machine, RICOR tasked AMOB UK with providing an automatic loading and unloading system. This system includes a feeder which autonomously retrieves a tube, and, using a seam detection laser, orients the tube consistently for every bend. Once this arm has loaded the machine and the bend is complete, a conveyor system will remove the tube and free the machine for its next fully computerised bend.

12 months working closely

Over the course of the past 12 months RICOR and AMOB UK have worked closely to iron out any issues, ‘Inevitably, in such a bespoke project, there will be unforeseen challenges that arise during the process of streamlining a production cell like this. That is why AMOB’s promise of continued support throughout the life of the machine is so valuable to most customers’, said Rob Manners, AMOB UK’s Service and Start Up Manager. ‘Our commitment to your success is key to ours’.

The fully electric, multi-stack CNC bending machine was designed, commissioned, delivered, and installed within only five weeks, and represents a commitment to improving in the manufacturing industry every day.  

RICOR believe future of cars lies in electric technology, and AMOB believes so does the future of tube bending.


Ø CN1 models control only the bend angle of the tube via NC automation. Operators of this machine are required to rotate and position the tube between bends, if necessary.

Ø CN2 models include NC bend angle operation and NC tube rotation. Operators of these machines are only required to position the tube between bends, if necessary. 

Ø CN3 models include NC bend angle operation, NC tube rotation and NC positioning of the tube. Operators of these machines can run all steps from the control panel to produce a complete multi-bend part.

 Ø CNC models include CNC bend angle operation, CNC tube rotation and CNC positioning of the tube. Operators of these machines run all steps with the press of a button to produce a complete multi-bend part, with the advantage of many more CNC features. 


  • 650,000 parts per year for 7 years
  • 8 separate complex multi-bend parts
  • Compound bending operations required (bend-on-bend with no straight)
  • Over 4.5 million parts manufactured in total

eMOB 42 and loading/unloading cell, at a glance:

  • Fully CNC automation
  • Fully Electric Mandrel Bender
  • Maximum Capacity: 42mm OD (outside diameter) x 2mm WT (wall thickness)
  • X axis accuracy: +/- 0.05mm
  • Y axis accuracy: +/- 0.05 degrees
  • Z axis accuracy: +/- 0.05 degrees
  • Maximum Bending Radius: 240mm
  • All electric CNC pressure die assist (as standard)
  • Variable radius programable (as standard)
  • Spring back compensation (as standard)
  • Automatic spring back verification/correction (as standard)
  • Automatic Mandrel Lubrication (as standard)
  • CE compliant safety fence (as standard)
  • CE compliant laser scanner (as Standard)

Package included delivery with customer offload, installation, and one week’s onsite training at RICOR with two AMOB engineers.

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