Fully Electric CNC Tube Bending Machines from AMOB

Fully Electric CNC Tube Bending Machines from AMOB

Fully Electric CNC Tube Bending Machines from AMOB

Fully electric tube bending solutions, from AMOB!

Why go fully electric?

The AMOB all-electric CNC eMOB series features state-of-the-art bending technology. Processing tube from 10mm up to 225mm OD, these machines have multi-stack capability. They can bend fixed and variable radii within the same cycle, and facilitate bending with zero straight between them. This is known as a compound bend.  A carriage booster allows bends with radii as tight as 1D (1x the diameter of the material itself) and entirely eliminates clamping marks. Welding detection, punching and cutting mechanisms, and integrated loading and unloading systems are also available.

But why should you consider making the transition to fully electric mandrel bending solutions over older but reliable hydraulic systems?


Fully electric tube benders are the most energy-efficient machines on the market. Their servo electric motors have the highest rate of energy efficiency available, and only use power when needed, with immediate torque. Therefore, there is minimal noise, and any heat generated is negligible.


AMOB fully electric eMOB machines work at high speed with complete control. Each axis is independently controlled by absolute servo motors. Because of this, the speed and movement of each can be synchronised and optimised to perfection, drastically reducing the cycle time.


Perfect repeatability. Always. The electronic motion control system of motors ensures that the chosen position will always be exactly the same. Fully electric machines are not subject to behaviour changes from bend to bend. Accordingly, this means there is no time or material lost tweaking the machine.


Setting up a new part in a fully electric bender is extremely simple. 3D bending software features like CAD import, tooling libraries, 3D viewing of programmed parts, anti-collision simulation, and spring-back compensation, combined with quick tool change and optimised tool positioning, will get you up and running in no time.


Productivity is boosted by shorter cycle times, low setup between projects, and no adjustments during production. In other words, this means no wasted parts, energy cost reductions, and low maintenance procedures.


Get it right the first time. 3D bending software allows the operator to program as close to optimum as possible. The in-cycle spring-back compensation prevents trial and error operations, and therefore eliminates waste resulting from testing periods after tooling changeovers. Therefore ideal for high-accuracy sectors, small batch productions, and those working with premium and/or exotic materials.


All machine activity is monitored by an electronic motion control system, providing information on the state of the machine, including any warning messages. In the case of any problems, online technicians can safely access and diagnose the issue, and then take actions to resolve them at any time of day or night – all remotely from the factory.


Fully electric motion controls are extremely simple compared with previous technologies. Specifically, less, and more efficient components mean lower friction and wear. This allows for a design with high output, efficiency, rigidity, wear resistance, reliability, and operation safety.


Fully electric benders are superior ‘no-fluid systems’ that will not leak, produce heat, and are comparably very quiet. Consequently, this helps contribute to a friendlier working environment. Additionally, all components of the machine are also recyclable.


Safety is of utmost concern with a machine that moves as quickly and quietly as a fully electric bender. Because of this, fully electric machines can integrate with several optional emergency features, such area scanners and light barrier fences.


An eMOB tube bending machine’s control system is controlled by an industrial grade computer, allowing easy integration and coordination with other systems such as production cells and 3D imaging devices.