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New eMOB Super Heavy-Duty Series

New eMOB Super Heavy-Duty Series

New eMOB: fully electric tube bending machines

In addition to the new brand image, the celebration of 60 years of AMOB is also marked by the launch of the latest version of our eMOB Super Heavy-Duty Series. These fully electric tube bending machines, with the ability to bend tubes up to 225mm in diameter, reinforce AMOB’s position as a world leader in innovation.

These machines have a solid and robust structure, designed for demanding work on tubes of both large diameters and thicknesses. Combining strength that exists in hydraulic machines with the technology from electric machines, the Super Heavy-Duty is a complete solution. The Super Heavy accommodates for the manipulation of large tubes, supporting demanding workloads and rigorous production cycles.

The machine also reduces maintenance times, component wear, and considerably increases energy saving. These machines can actually achieve a 50% reduction in power consumption compared to other machines of the same size.

eMOB Super Heavy-Duty benders can complete difficult jobs with precision, flexibility, and a guarantee of reliability for its entire life.

In 2021, AMOB are making good on its commitment to transform its customers’ requirements. AMOB are creating robust, innovative, and efficient technological solutions, maintaining itself as the engineering solution tailored towards the future.

eMOB Super Heavy Duty Presentation

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