How to choose the right tube bending machine for my business?

How to choose the right tube bending machine for my business?

How to choose the right tube bending machine for my business?

Knowing the various options of tube bending machines available on the market is essential in making the right choice!

It is important to mention that the technology of electric machines is currently the best technological solution on the market. To this technology we have added our own AMOB 3D software. Fully conceived, and designed in-house by AMOB engineers to make the most efficient and sustainable range in the world! Quality, reliable, and production optimised.

From the automotive sector, through furniture or even in the aeronautical industry, the requirement for tube bending solutions in the day-to-day world is enormous.

With this near endless scope of possibilities for applications, we can divide our machines of the eMOB series into the following categories:

eMOB Series

If you are looking for large bending capacity, these machines are perfect. They can process pipes from 5mm up to 225mm in diameter, plus multi-stack capability! The positioning carriage booster and the high structural rigidity of the bending heads allow for centreline radii (CLR) of <1xD (less than 1 x tube diameter) and help to eliminate the marks caused by the clamp. This series of tube bending machines has a right or left bending direction, configurable by the customer.

eMOB LR Series

The Fully Electric Right and Left CNC tube benders of the LR series feature state-of-the-art bending technology. They can process tubes from 5mm to 32mm outside diameter (OD) with multi-stack capability. Our eMOB LR series machines, which automatically cycle into a right and left bend configuration when not using wiper die, are ideal to bend tubes with smaller diameter to thickness ratios and bigger bending radii. An excellent bender option if you are looking for a fast, simple machine with optimised cycles and an excellent price and quality.

Choose the right tube bending machine for your business

eMOB 2 Bend Series

This range has, as its main feature, the changing of curvature direction through a rotational head! It is capable of processing pipes from 5mm to 63mm OD and has multi-stack capability. Our eMOB 2 Bend Series are defined as the ultimate in bending excellence. Where quality control, versatility, and production rigor are carefully studied and improved by our team. This range, unlike the LR range, stands out for achieving a left/right bend in-cycle with wiper die support. This allows it to bends with quality and precision in tubes with tighter bending radii and bigger diameter:thickness ratios. The eMOB 2 Bend is the ideal solution for bending the most complex forms and parts.

eMOB 2 Bend Series Tube Bending Machines

UK Tube Bending Experts

With all being said, the best way to make the most informed decision would be to seek advice from AMOB UK’s team of tube bending experts. With decades of real-world experience between them, consulting AMOB UK’s sales team is sure to steer you in the right direction for your project application.

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