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A complete range of NC & CNC Mandrel Tube Bending Machines Processing Tube  from 10mm to 420mm OD. Fully Electric Right & Left Models. Intuitive 3D Software. Additional options including multistack, weld detection, automatic loading and unloading.
Amob Section Roll Bending Machine MAH50-2
The backbone of the biggest selection of Section bender machines in the world! Extremely user-friendly, completely accessible for apprentices and experienced operatives alike.
AMOB has a proud history of manufacturing in Portugal, employing over 140 staff members at our main plant in Porto. Our recently-renewed headquarters covers 18000m², and is equipped with the highest quality manufacturing technological production equipment including CNC machining centres, lathes and milling machines, as well as sheet metal cutting and bending machinery for guaranteed high fabrication standards. Elsewhere, AMOB has commercial facilities in Russia, Brazil, Spain, Benelux, France, United Kingdom and a worldwide network of over 70 agencies and technical centers - providing customer support wherever you are!

Our products are designed in our technical department by a team of highly-skilled engineers - we offer manufacture competitive solutions without compromising on quality. Over the years, AMOB has grown with our customers’ requirements and the market demand. We’re just as passionate about growing and developing our products as we are about our client relationships.
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AMOB Tube Bending Machine Software Intuitive 3D, Remote Access Support When Needed.
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Amob Hydraulic Press PH4C60T
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The worlds largest Roll bending machine manufacturer. Highly accurate, reliable and easy to use. Outstanding production cycle times.
PF Range
Amob custom design and manufacture at the forefront of the market since 1960. Roll Forming Lines that meet any requirement through customisation and innovation. From de-coiling, through to roll forming and then onto bending if required.
PF Range
Up to 150mm OD tube and pipe. One to three station tube end formers. Ability to integrate additional punching stations, Consistency, reliability and fast production cycle times.
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PT Range
A range of Rotary draw tube bender machines that covers the needs of those bending large centre radiuses where a mandrel is not required. Universal tool bed supporting quick tool change, reducing set up time. Great portability.
Equipped with all the most important functions for reliable and productive forming across the complete range of applications and more with our custom design solutions for full automation.
BAE Systems – One of the largest defence contractors in the world – have chosen AMOB as supplier for their new tube bending cell. The eMOB-100 fully electric tube bender was implemented into the company’s pipe shop in Scotstoun, Glasgow, to bend all of the piping on the upcoming Type 26 frigate – which is used to hunt submarines. With the system including 49 different tool sets, the installation and training team were with BAE for just under two weeks.

The customer’s requirements were clear and detailed – a fully electric tube bending machine with all available add-ons, to give them the most up-to-date system possible. The eMOB-100 was the perfect machine for the job. The whole project – from request for quote through to delivery – was just under two years long, which included visits to the manufacturing facility in Porto, Portugal, as well as existing customers (notably the Jaguar Land Rover plant in Gaydon) and a three-day factory acceptance test (FAT).
UK Based On Site Training And Refresher Courses To Maximise Production And Efficiency.
Extensive UK Held Tooling Ranges For All Machines & Applications. Swift Delivery.
Held In Stock, Ready For Immediate Dispatch To Maintain Production.
AMOB manufactures one of the biggest ranges of specialised equipment for the tube and pipe bending industry worldwide.

Founded in 1960 by António Martins Oliveira Barros (AMOB). AMOB has progressively become the world’s leading manufacturer of metalworking technologies, providing one of the biggest ranges of specialised equipment for the tube and pipe bending industry worldwide. We serve the global market with exceptional machinery and tooling for tube and pipe bending, section bending and swaging purposes.

As a leading manufacturer AMOB design, develop, supply and service a wide variety of manufacturing equipement, ranging from simple, manual machines to fully electric CNC powered systems for industries including automobile, shipping, offshore installations, aeronautics, chemical, construction and power.

To find out how we can assist your production efficiency and realise your vision call or email us.
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Covid Information Amob UK is committed to supporting manufacturers during these uncertain times, we continue to provide the highest standard of tube and pipe bending solutions, through the introduction of compliant Covid secure measures in accordance with requirements. Critical production lines using Amob machinery remain running effectively and efficiently throughout the UK. Please contact us for more information or visit our News page for more information.
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