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Industrial Sectors

Design & Development for multiple Industrial Sectors

AMOB provides a full range equipment for multiple industrial sectors: Automotive, Aerospace, Agricultural Machinery, Furniture, Shipbuilding and Offshore, Boiler and Power Plants, Chemical Industry and Construction.


Our range of automotive-suited mandrel benders are perfect for a variety of applications within the motoring industry. 


AMOB has a great deal of experience catering for the aerospace industry, producing machinery with cutting-edge bending techniques for reduced deformation.

Agricultural Machinery

With huge capacities and a wide range of profiles that can be manipulated, any agricultural application can be handled by a machine from AMOB’s full and complete product line-up. 


AMOB’s CNC range of bending machines with laser spring-back measuring and built-in anti collision technology make them perfectly suited to producing complex production.

Shipbuilding and Offshore

With the largest range of capacity mandrel benders in the world, there is no offshore or marine application that is too big for an AMOB machine.

Boiler and Power Plants

We have nearly 60 years’ experience working within the boiler, heat exchanger and power plant industries. AMOB can accommodate any bending requirement be it large or small. 

Chemical Industry

With rigorous traceability requirements and material processing standards, AMOB have a great deal to offer within the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. 


The use of non-standard construction bending profiles and tubes are now far more popular within the construction sector.

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