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Agricultural Machinery

With huge capacities and a wide range of profiles that can be manipulated, an AMOB machine can tackle any agricultural application.

A single machine can cater for all tubular components required for any agricultural project. Whether it’s structural support or vehicular manufacturing. AMOB challenges itself daily is to develop based on customer requirements, using the latest technologies, to improve accuracy and repeatability.

AMOB challenges itself daily to evolve and improve, always keeping up with the latest technologies. With this focus on technology, AMOB are able to always be foremost in accuracy and repeatability. With a world class references list, and a worldwide network of after-sales engineers, the guarantee of the quality of our products is strong. Partnering with customers has never been more important than it is today. Communication leads to innovation. The more advanced and pioneering the machine, the more important is the exchange of ideas with our partners.

Agricultural Machinery parts and components:

AMOB Industrial sectors

AMOB provides a full range equipment for multiple industrial sectors. These include Automotive, Aerospace, Agricultural Machinery, Furniture, Shipbuilding and Offshore, Boiler and Power Plants, Chemical Industry and Construction.