Tube Bender MDH-60-CN1: New tube bending solutions

Tube Bender MDH-60-CN1: New tube bending solutions

Tube Bender MDH-60-CN1: New tube bending solutions

AMOB Electric NC Tube Bender MDH Series: new tube bending solutions from AMOB UK to Boyco

AMOB UK are continuing to cement themselves as the ultimate provider of turnkey packages in tube bending solutions.

Take for example, the recent installation at Stockport based furniture makers, Boyco. During this project, AMOB UK were proud to take almost complete control from start to finish, leaving the customer with no burden of responsibility. From point-of-sale, AMOB handled the delivery, offload, positioning, installation, and operator training for their brand new MDH-60-CN1 NC tube bender. In addition to this service, AMOB also handled the removal of two outdated and old tube bending machines which were swapped out on a part-exchange basis.

Old Tube Bender
Old Tube Benders

It is our belief that processes are just as important as the product. Removal of a customer’s part exchange machinery is yet another example of how AMOB UK are leading the way in pain-free project management.

AMOB UK are proud to be not only the supplier of the world’s leading equipment in tube and pipe manipulation machinery, but additionally the supplier of the most comprehensive of installation packages available.

Full Tube Bender Installation Packages

From A to Z, AMOB can contribute as much or as little as you need. Whether you want full involvement, or little to no involvement, AMOB UK can handle the rest.

Boyco has been the brand of choice for fixed furniture and equipment for nearly half a century. Their products are prized for their quality and design, and consistently asked for by name by architects, building contractors and buyers.

Having been sold all over the world, Boyco products can be found in many countries worldwide. For example, from the UK and Ireland, to Cyprus, Bahrain, and Siberia. Thousands of successful projects have been completed. This includes over 10,000 for schools and sports centres, 500 for major healthcare sites. Additionally, many hundreds for the Ministry of Defense, Home Office, and emergency services. Boyco truly represent a key player in their sector internationally. They also clearly share AMOB UK’s ambition to solidify themselves as leaders in their field.  

AMOB Electric NC Tube Bender MDH-60-CN1
AMOB Electric NC Tube Bender MDH-60-CN1

New Electric NC Tube Bender MDH Series

With their new MDH-60-CN1 electromechanical mandrel bender, Boyco has initially opted for four sets of tooling. This tooling is capable of bending 32mm, 38mm, 45mm, and 50mm material. However, with an ever-growing range of products, their machine reserves the potential capacity anywhere up to 60mm outside diameter tube, with up to a 3mm wall thickness. While operating with a useful length of 3000mm, the future possibilities are vast with their new CN1 tube bender.

As the similarities to AMOB UK continue, most Boyco products are manufactured in their own purpose-built factory. In this factory, their in-house fabricators design and manufacture their extensive range. This allows them superior control of their manufacturing, lead times, and ultimately delivering their customers the best possible product. There are many similarities between AMOB UK and Boyco. These shared stances towards serving customers the best product in the best way will help AMOB UK and Boyco work together for many years to come

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