CH-120-CN2 Mandrel Bending Machine AMOB

CH-120-CN2 Mandrel Bender to bend 114.3mm OD tube

With this new CH-120-CN2 mandrel bender, our new friends are now able to bend 114.3mm OD tube with an 8.6mm wall thickness.

eMOB-52 2-Bend to Harrower Tube Bending

Harrower Tube Bending – eMOB-52 2-Bend. Harrower are a family owned and run metal fabrication and machining business located on the north side of Bendigo, Australia. They specialise in CNC Mandrel Bending, CNC Tube Measuring and CNC Machining. Subsequently, their work mainly involves custom-made products to suit specific customer requirements. They claim that their specialty […]

eMOB Fully Electric Tube Bending Machines AMOB

New eMOB Super Heavy-Duty Series

New eMOB: fully electric tube bending machines In addition to the new brand image, the celebration of 60 years of AMOB is also marked by the launch of the latest version of our eMOB Super Heavy-Duty Series. These fully electric tube bending machines, with the ability to bend tubes up to 225mm in diameter, reinforce […]

AMOB and Torqit

News from our partner Torqit and its CNC Mandrel Bender AMOB

For over forty years, the team at Torqit Innovation has continued to dominate the market with their future focused intuitive thinking, bringing new vehicle performance enhancing designs to the Australian market. AMOB‘s CNC Mandrel Bender (eMOB-130 CNC with tangent boost) plays a major role in Torqit’s research and development. Using a flexible mandrel rod, the […]

New AMOB Branding


With a legacy spanning over 60 years, AMOB maintains the ability to innovate and improve our products, and our brand. A brand that is recognised internationally. As a world leader in the manufacture of equipment for the metalworking industry, it is imperative that our image continues to reflect our evolution and advancement. The time has […]

SST Technology and AMOB Tube Bending Machine

SST Technology and the third tube bending machine!

With the year in full-swing, it certainly seems like 2021 is the year of the second and third machine!

AMOB at Metal Craft Industries UK

Metal Craft Industries – New AMOB Tube Bender. Another successful delivery; Metalcraft Industries UK Ltd! Stage two of MetalCraft Industries UK Ltd’s upgrade to AMOB tube bending machinery occurred flawlessly recently, with the installation of their brand-new tube bending machine, after having helped in the removal of Metalcraft’s older machine last month. The final stage […]

Tube Bender Case Study – AMOB & TBI

AMOB Tube Benders & TBI Manufacturing’s | Case Study At AMOB UK, we are proud to say this January we have completed training for TBI Manufacturing’s brand new eMOB 32LR CNC tube bending machine. TBI Manufacturing Limited began trading over 25 years ago as a sub-contract tube manipulation company, and has grown steadily over this time, increasing their abilities to encompass […]