Ricor Global Limited sign off third tube bending cell in 2 years

Ricor Global Limited sign off third tube bending cell in 2 years

Ricor Global Limited sign off third tube bending cell in 2 years

Ricor Global Limited have recently completed the installation of their third AMOB tube bending solution in less than two years.

This new machine follows very closely in application to the cells previously installed at RICOR. This gave both RICOR and AMOB an advantage when it came to optimising the operation. In addition to the main machine, RICOR once again opted for an automatic loading and unloading system. This system includes a feeder which autonomously retrieves a tube. Once this arm has loaded the machine and the bend is complete, a conveyor system will remove the tube and free the machine for its next fully computerised bend. However, this machine featured several updates to its earlier versions, allowing even further optimisation to the process.

The first of these improvements made was in the form of a ‘tube-on-conveyor’ sensor. This sensor notifies the machine that the completed part was successfully unloaded before allowing the next bend to begin. An additional upgrade also included security enhancement, and password protected bend files, granting only authorised personnel access to make modifications.

This tube bending machine, manufacturing fuel cell cradles for the hybrid car industry, once again uses a seam detection laser. This laser orients the tube’s seam the same way for every bend, ensuring consistency in bend results.

A key interest for the team was improving both speed and accuracy.

Fortunately, AMOB’s tube manipulation experts were able to achieve a rate of almost three complete multi-bend parts per minute (22 seconds per part, including rotations). Additionally, in regard to accuracy, the final end-to-end offset tolerance set by the RICOR team was 0.5mm, which was achieved!

It has been a pleasure to work closely with RICOR throughout all these projects and countries. It is a privilege to have been part of such successful projects over the course of the last two years. We very much look forward to your next requirement for a full turnkey package from AMOB UK.


Ø CN1 models control only the bend angle of the tube via NC automation. Operators of this machine are required to rotate and position the tube between bends, if necessary.

Ø CN2 models include NC bend angle operation and NC tube rotation. Operators of these machines are only required to position the tube between bends, if necessary. 

Ø CN3 models include NC bend angle operation, NC tube rotation and NC positioning of the tube. Operators of these machines can run all steps from the control panel to produce a complete multi-bend part.

 Ø CNC models include CNC bend angle operation, CNC tube rotation and CNC positioning of the tube. Operators of these machines run all steps with the press of a button to produce a complete multi-bend part, with the advantage of many more CNC features. 


  • Fully CNC automation
  • Fully Electric Mandrel Bender
  • Maximum Capacity: 52mm Ø (OD – outside diameter) x 2mm WT (wall thickness)
  • X axis accuracy: ± 0.05mm
  • Y axis accuracy: ± 0.05°
  • Z axis accuracy: ± 0.05°
  • Maximum Bending Radius: 230mm
  • All Electric CNC Pressure Die Assist as Standard
  • Variable Radius Programable as Standard
  • Spring Back Compensation as Standard
  • Automatic Spring Back Verification/ Correction as Standard
  • Automatic Mandrel Lubrication as Standard
  • Safety Fence CE as standard
  • Laser Scanner CE as standard

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