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Self Draining Walkway
Self Draining Walkway
Amob PF Range Roll Forming MachinesSince 1960,Our custom designed and manufactured of roll forming machines have put AMOB at the forefront of the market. Our innovative solutions in roll forming lines have given us a wealth of experience and technical excellence.
AMOB Roll Forming lines can meet any production requirement through customisation and innovation. From decoiling, to roll forming and then onto bending cutting and offloading - fully synchronised automation.
We’re very proud of our market leading reputation, providing a complete turn key package. If a reliable, effective and highly productionised roll forming is what you require, then look no further.

AMOB Roll Forming Specifications  Decoilers: The AMOB decoiler range is one of the largest and most powerful in the world. From light, mechanically-operated options all the way up to a completely motorised decoiler with a quick charge integrated system and up to 15 tonnes capacity.
Plate end welding: This system allows plate ends to be welded quickly and automatically, reducing waste and downtime.
Intermediate punching and forming station: Our roll forming machine can incorporate several intermediate stations including punching, forming or marking. The  options available are endless. Starting with a single punching or forming unit to a multi-tool CNC press.
Vertical plate stock: This system eliminates the need for a traditional roll forming pit. Allowing the plate to accumulate, ready for the forming process.
CNC control: AMOB’s user-friendly CNC touch screen display, enables full control of the automatic line, in a synchronised and also in a autonomous way.
Versatility, diversity and production optimisation: Depending on the customer’s needs, AMOB’s roll forming lines can be equipped with several different, interchangeable systems to easily meet specific requirements. Quick cassette changes along with adjustable tooling to produce a variety of bespoke profiles with different dimensions make both efficient and versatile.
Cut-to-length: There is also an option to equip our rollforming machines with stationary or high speed cut-to-length systems.
Offload systems: To increase the efficiency of roll forming production an automatic offload system can be incorporated.
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