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AMOB UK Receives Kings Award for International Trade

AMOB UK Receives King’s Award for International Trade

The King’s Award for International Trade is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and innovative spirit of AMOB UK.

AMOB, a world leading manufacturer of tube benders

AMOB, a world leading manufacturer of tube benders since 1960

As the world leader manufacturer in tube bending machinery, AMOB continues to shape industries with its cutting-edge technology and unwavering dedication to excellence.

AMOB UK wins King's Award for Enterprise.

AMOB UK wins King’s Award for Enterprise.

AMOB UK has been honoured with the first ever King’s Award for Enterprise for their exceptional contribution to International Trade.

Hydraulic Press Bird Bellows Boosts Production

Bird Bellows Boosts Production with Hydraulic Press Investment

Senior Aerospace Bird Bellows invest in top-of-the-line hydraulic C-Frame press solution. Cheshire based precision sheet metal manufacturer, Senior Aerospace Bird Bellows (SABB), have purchased a 60 tonne hydraulic C-Frame Press from AMOB. This machine will be instrumental in their application of precision forming titanium parts for the aerospace sector. This new machine, the PHC-60T C-Frame […]

Southern Manufacturing

Southern Manufacturing & Electronics 2023

Southern Manufacturing & Electronics 2023 AMOB UK are once again excited to be exhibiting at Southern Manufacturing & Electronics 2023 this February! As one of the highlights of every calendar year, we are thrilled that we continue to be able to meet face to face with like minded clients once again! Come check out our […]


AMOB UK: Looking back at 2022, and forward to 2023

With 2022 fast leaving us behind, and 2023 on the horizon, we look back at the highlights of the past year at AMOB UK, and what we hope and expect to see in 2023. So, what did 2022 hold for AMOB UK? Project completion! It’s always great to see a project come to completion and […]

Installation and training for a world leader in engineering - eMOB 63 - CNC Tube Bender

Installation and training for a world leader in engineering

A world leading engineering company combining innovative design with traditional engineering skills: eMOB-63 CNC.

CNC Tube Bender - eMOB 32CNC

How to choose the right tube bending machine for my business?

Knowing the various options of tube bending machines available on the market is essential in making the right choice! It is important to mention that the technology of electric machines is currently the best technological solution on the market. To this technology we have added our own AMOB 3D software. Fully conceived, and designed in-house […]

Mach 2022

Mach Exhibition 2022

AMOB UK is excited to be exhibiting at Mach 2022 in April! Another highlight of the year where we will have the opportunity to present our amazing tube bending equipment and technology.