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MDH series software

Discover all the features of the latest MDH series software

Learn how AMOB has been constantly evolving to keep up with the new demands of our industry! The versatile MDH range is the right choice for anyone starting in the world of bending, being a great choice as a complement to production, prototyping and even market validation. The MDH range machines are already well known […]

CNC Tube Bender - eMOB 32CNC

How to choose the right tube bending machine for my business?

Knowing the various options of tube bending machines available on the market is essential in making the right choice! It is important to mention that the technology of electric machines is currently the best technological solution on the market. To this technology we have added our own AMOB 3D software. Fully conceived, and designed in-house […]

Southern Manufacturing Exhibition AMOB UK

Southern Manufacturing & Electronics 2022

AMOB UK is excited to be exhibiting at Southern Manufacturing & Electronics 2022 in February! Visit us, Stand G210!

FAT - Factory Acceptance Testing. Tube Bending Machinery. FAT Testing

What is Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT), and how is it done?

Factory Acceptance Testing (or FAT) helps verify that newly manufactured machinery meets its intended purpose. The FAT validates the operation of the equipment and makes sure the customers’ purchase order specifications, and all other requirements, have been met.

Bending Software AMOB

Discover 5 features of the bending software

There are many reasons that AMOB is always at the forefront of high-quality metal forming technology. 3D bending software is one of them.

eMOB-52 2-Bend to Harrower Tube Bending

Harrower Tube Bending – eMOB-52 2-Bend. Harrower are a family owned and run metal fabrication and machining business located on the north side of Bendigo, Australia. They specialise in CNC Mandrel Bending, CNC Tube Measuring and CNC Machining. Subsequently, their work mainly involves custom-made products to suit specific customer requirements. They claim that their specialty […]

eMOB Fully Electric Tube Bending Machines AMOB

New eMOB Super Heavy-Duty Series

New eMOB: fully electric tube bending machines In addition to the new brand image, the celebration of 60 years of AMOB is also marked by the launch of the latest version of our eMOB Super Heavy-Duty Series. These fully electric tube bending machines, with the ability to bend tubes up to 225mm in diameter, reinforce […]