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AMOB UK's growth in Australasia- Left and right tube bending machine

AMOB UK’s growth in Australasia continues into 2022 and beyond…

AMOB UK signed off their second significant Australian project in less than 12 months: An eMOB-52-LR left and right tube bending machine.

Customer Case Study Lawrence Lasers- AMOB

Letting the customer do the talking – Lawrence Lasers Case Study

Wherever possible, AMOB prefers to let their machines do the talking for us! But what could be better than that? Letting a satisfied customer do the talking!

Installation and Training Qatar - AMOB UK

Installation and training the world over – Qatar!

AMOB UK are not confined to the shores of the United Kingdom! With territories spanning far and wide, across Asia, Australasia, and the Middle East, AMOB’s UK arm is far reaching.

Fully Electric Tube Bending Machine eMOB-63

Fully electric tube bending machine to world leader in engineering

Factory acceptance test for world leader in engineering, using a fully electric tube bending machine from AMOB’s eMOB range.

Fully Electric CNC Tube Bending Machines: Why go fully electric

Fully Electric CNC Tube Bending Machines from AMOB

Why should you consider making the transition to fully electric mandrel bending solutions over older but reliable hydraulic system?

Boiler Tube Bending Machine AMOB

Boiler Tube Bending Machine for CNC fabrication of high-end boiler

Boiler Tube Bending Machine for CNC fabrication of high-end boiler and heat exchange systems.

Fully Electric CNC Bender

Fully electric CNC bender for hybrid car sector

The installation at RICOR is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate the superiority of fully electric technology in tube bending machinery.

Mandrel Bending Machine AMOB CH-120-CN2

Recent install of a brand-new mandrel bending machine CH-120-CN2

AMOB UK’s tube bender becomes one of the first machines to furnish a brand new traffic–product venture in the UK. When starting a new business, placing your first key investments in the right company is paramount. Considerations not only need to be made for the viability of the machine to perform your applications, but also […]