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Metal tube applications in different industries

Many industries, crucial to our daily routines, quietly rely on the intricate workings of tube bending machines, often escaping our notice despite their significant impact. These machines silently play pivotal roles in a wide array of sectors, seamlessly shaping essential components that facilitate our everyday activities. Let’s delve into the ubiquitous presence these machines have […]


AMOB UK: Looking back at 2022, and forward to 2023

With 2022 fast leaving us behind, and 2023 on the horizon, we look back at the highlights of the past year at AMOB UK, and what we hope and expect to see in 2023. So, what did 2022 hold for AMOB UK? Project completion! It’s always great to see a project come to completion and […]

Bending Software AMOB

Discover 5 features of the bending software

There are many reasons that AMOB is always at the forefront of high-quality metal forming technology. 3D bending software is one of them.

CNC Tube Bending Machines AMOB

Second CNC Tube Bending Machine to BM Catalysts Ltd

BM Catalysts Ltd. take delivery of their second CNC tube bending machine from AMOB in less than 12 months!  It was once again a pleasure to install a fully electric CNC eMOB-80 to BM Catalysts Ltd this week. This fully electric bending machine is identical to the machine installed in 2020, and more than doubles […]

CH-120-CN2 Mandrel Bending Machine AMOB

CH-120-CN2 Mandrel Bender to bend 114.3mm OD tube

With this new CH-120-CN2 mandrel bender, our new friends are now able to bend 114.3mm OD tube with an 8.6mm wall thickness.

AMOB at Metal Craft Industries UK

Metal Craft Industries – New AMOB Tube Bender. Another successful delivery; Metalcraft Industries UK Ltd! Stage two of MetalCraft Industries UK Ltd’s upgrade to AMOB tube bending machinery occurred flawlessly recently, with the installation of their brand-new tube bending machine, after having helped in the removal of Metalcraft’s older machine last month. The final stage […]