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AMOB UK: Looking back at 2022, and forward to 2023

With 2022 fast leaving us behind, and 2023 on the horizon, we look back at the highlights of the past year at AMOB UK, and what we hope and expect to see in 2023. So, what did 2022 hold for AMOB UK? Project completion! It’s always great to see a project come to completion and […]

Installation and Training Qatar - AMOB UK

Installation and training the world over – Qatar!

AMOB UK are not confined to the shores of the United Kingdom! With territories spanning far and wide, across Asia, Australasia, and the Middle East, AMOB’s UK arm is far reaching.

CNC Pipe Bender Bending Machines - Iracroft - AMOB

Installing new bending machines: two CNC Pipe Benders

CNC Pipe Bender CH Series – with these bending machines, this customer can continue to CNC bend tubes for use on heavy-duty engines and more.

Mandrel Bending Machine AMOB CH-120-CN2

Recent install of a brand-new mandrel bending machine

AMOB UK’s tube bender becomes one of the first machines to furnish a brand new traffic–product venture in the UK. When starting a new business, placing your first key investments in the right company is paramount. Considerations not only need to be made for the viability of the machine to perform your applications, but also […]

CNC Pipe Bender AMOB

The CNC Pipe Bender Production

Full Production video of one of the biggest CNC pipe bender machine in the world! Very few companies have all the development, design and production of their machines all within their facilities. The complete turnkey solution providers. However, AMOB are one of those companies, and we are extremely proud of it! Even when it comes […]

SST Technology and AMOB Tube Bending Machine

SST Technology and the third tube bending machine!

With the year in full-swing, it certainly seems like 2021 is the year of the second and third machine!

AMOB at Metal Craft Industries UK

Metal Craft Industries – New AMOB Tube Bender. Another successful delivery; Metalcraft Industries UK Ltd! Stage two of MetalCraft Industries UK Ltd’s upgrade to AMOB tube bending machinery occurred flawlessly recently, with the installation of their brand-new tube bending machine, after having helped in the removal of Metalcraft’s older machine last month. The final stage […]