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CNC Tube Bending Machine -The CH-L And CH-HD Tube Bender Series

The Amob Hydraulic Mandrel Bender CH Series are particularly appreciated for their fold quality. Available in several sizes and configuration, they can be easily customized to your production. Their rigidity, stability and untouchable precision in varied environmental conditions.

Ranging from 10mm up to 420mm OD these pipe bending machines can easily be adapted for use in a wide range of pipe or tube manufacturing sectors and industries.
The range includes the fully CNC pipe bender version, for which all three axis are automatic in a single stack machine. There’s also the option to add welding detection, punching/cutting mechanisms and integrated loading and unloading systems if necessary.

The CH series tube bending machine comes equipped with the AMOB NC touchscreen easy-to-operate controls, or in the CNC version, the latest user-friendly AMOB 3D Tube Bending Software tooling configuration, spring-back compensation, anti-collision technology and many other easy to use features.
These robust , accurate, versatile models are easy to operate and suitable for almost all types of applications and industries.

The CH Series :
Exceptional Precision
Robustly engineered
Easy to operate
Quick tool change, reducing setup times
Front and rear tube loading system
Optional Integrated loading/unloading systems.
CH-HD Optional motorised tool adjustment
CNC Pipe Bending Machine CH170CNCCNC Pipe Bending Machine-CH220CNCCNC Tube Bending Machine CH60CNCCNC Tube Bending Machine CH120CNC
CNC Pipe Bending Machine CH170CNC
CNC Pipe Bending Machine eMOB 150CNC Tube Bending Machine eMOB 52CNC  Tube Bending Machine eMOB 80
CNC Pipe Bending Machine eMOB 150
Fully Electric CNC Tube Bending Machine - The eMOB Series

AMOB Fully Electric CNC Tube Bender eMOB series features state-of-the-art bending technology, processing tube from 10mm up to 220mm OD and have multi-stack capability.
Our all-electric tube bending machines can bend fixed and variable radii within the same cycle and allow complex multi bending (with no straights between bends). A carriage booster allows bends with radii as tight as 1D and consequently eliminates clamping marks.
The fully electric cnc pipe bender eMOB series machines are equipped with the newly updated, powerful, user-friendly AMOB 3D SOFTWARE.
Additional features include: Automatic spring-back compensation with “in cycle” correction, Tooling configuration and positioning settings are easily saved and re instated, Anti-collision interpolating all 9 axis.
A user friendly machine, easy to set up and operate with short cycle times, This reduces waste and testing time. maximising production efficiency, ideal when working with expensive premium materials, where any error could be critical.
Welding detection, punching/cutting mechanisms and integrated loading/unloading systems are also available.
Power Consumption
Fully-electric tube benders are the most energy-efficient machines on the market. Their servo electric motors have the highest rate of energy efficiency and only use power when needed, with immediate torque - there is minimal noise and any heat generated is negligible.

eMOB machines work at high speed with complete control. Each and every axis are independently controlled by absolute servo motors, meaning the speed and movement of each can be synchronised and optimised to perfection - drastically reducing the cycle time.

Always spot on - the electronic motion control system of the motors assures that the chosen position will always be the same. Fully-electric machines are precise and consistent, there’s no time or material lost tweaking the machine.

Setup and Programming
Setting up a new part in a fully-electric bender is very simple. All the 3D bending software features like CAD import, tooling libraries, 3D views of the programmed part, anti-collision simulation and spring-back compensation - allied with quick tool change and optimised tool positioning - will get you up and running in no time.

Productivity is boosted by shorter cycle times, low setup time between projects, no adjustments during production, no wasted parts, energy cost reductions and low maintenance procedures.

Waste Reduction
Get it right the first time with our 3D bending software, which allows the operator to program as close to the optimum as possible. The in-cycle spring-back compensation prevents trial and error operations, eliminating waste and testing periods during the tooling changeover process. Ideal for high-accuracy sectors, small batch productions and those working with premium materials.

Service and Diagnostics
Built in monitoring and data recording, provides information on machine status, operating issues and warning messages. Should a problem arise, our online technical support are on-hand and can access machine data directly to diagnose machine operation and problem solve production issues.

The latest state of the art design of fully-electric motion compared with previous technologies, matched with more efficient components mean lower friction and wear - allowing for a design with higher output, efficiency, rigidity, wear resistance, reliability and operation safety.

Fully-electric benders have superior no-fluid systems - so no fluid leaks, with less heat and a low noise output providing a friendly working environment. All wear components of the machine are recyclable.

Safety is a prime concern, a fully electric tube bending machine operates quickly and quietly. So our machines incorporate several emergency features, including area scanners and light barrier fences to ensure a safe working environment.

Full control
An eMOB machine’s is fully computerised using the latest intuitive software giving compatibility and cross platform integration with other systems including 3D imaging devices.
Electric CNC Tube Bending Machine CE42CNCElectric CNC Tube Bending Machine Ce60CNCCNC Tube Bending Machine Ce60CNC
Electric CNC Tube Bending Machine CE42CNC

Electric CNC Tube Bender

- Ce Series Tube Bending Machine
AMOB Electric CNC tube bender Ce CNC R series are the ultimate in efficiency and green technology. This innovative range of bending machines was born out of a growing concern with rising energy prices and production costs, and also a need to reduce energy consumption intelligently.
Processing tube from 35mm up to 90mm OD, these tube benders are especially relevant for medium to large jobs. Available in single stack, double stack or multi-stack capabilities as well as fixed and variable radiuses in the same cycle, they also allow bends with no straight between them when equipped with more than one stack feature.
There is also the option of adding welding detection, punching/cutting mechanisms and integrated loading or unloading systems.
Finally, we equipp all Ce CNC R series electric bending machines with the latest AMOB 3D bending software.
So, if you’re looking for something in between the CH and eMOB series, these hybrids are a great compromise.
The Ce Series
Servo controlled POB: All Ce CNC R planes of bend positioners are servo controlled (up to 4 axis).
Multi-stack capability: Ce CNC R models are available in single or multi-stack, fixed and variable radius capability.
Low and easy maintenance: All Ce CNC R models are built for low and easy maintenance.
Fixed and variable radius: All Ce CNC R models have multi-stack, fix and variable radius capability.
Online diagnosis: AMOB CNC models permit online safe access for online diagnosis.
Tube Bending Machine MDH60CN2Tube Bending Machine MDH90CN1
Tube Bending Machine MDH60CN2

Electric NC Tube Bending Machine

- The MDH Tube Bender Series

AMOB Electric NC tube bender MDH Series is our standard-issue range. Simplicity, strength and accuracy are the key features of this especially relevant cost-effective line. Ideal for prototyping or small to medium projects.
The MDH Electric Tube Bender are easily adapted to each different industrial and non-industrial situation.
Covering a range from 10mm up to 90mm OD, these versatile bending machines are an easy and obvious choice for those starting up a tube bending business. Our MDH tube benders are also to complement heavy production or prototyping divisions.
As standard, this electric tube bending machine come with a hydraulic mandrel extractor, hydraulic clamp and pressure die, as a result it guarantees a good-quality bend finish.
Available in two versions - NC1 and NC2 axis - these tube bending machines allow for bending complex tube geometries within seconds of programming.
Machines from this range are are all equipped with AMOB NC touchscreen that is easy to operate controls.

The MDH Series
Hydraulic POB clamp: NC plane of bend positioner equipped with hydraulic clamp.
Special propose tooling: On request, MDH series can be equipped with special tooling.
Magnetic flip stops: Easy-to-setup, sequentially-adjustable magnetic flip stops for the X axis.
User-friendly touch screen controller: The Electric NC Tube Bender MDH Series are all equipped with AMOB NC touchscreen easy-to-operate controls.
Direct-acting pressure die cylinder: Pressure die cylinder is mounted in tube’s centerline plane to resist bending forces.
Built in storage: MDH Series electric bending machines feature built-in storage for tooling and accessories

Boiler Pipe Bending Machine CH320CNC-BBoiler  Tube Bending Machine CH120CNC-B
Boiler Pipe Bending Machine CH320CNC-B

Boiler Tube Bending Machine

- The CH-B Series

AMOB has specifically designed the Boiler Tube Bending Machine to meet the manufacturing necessities.
We have apply our technology and knowledge to respond to the manufacturing demands of boiler boiler tubes, superheating coils, water wall panels and economizing coils.
Our CNC Boiler Tube Bender takes tube boiler bending to the top level, and when 1D CLR bending is required or wall thinning is critical.
AMOB has the most efficient and innovative solution for producing extra-tight radius bends with minimal deformation.
When we use the booster device, in conjunction with a fully hydraulic CNC bending machine, we enable precision parts replication with minimal process times as well as remove the possibility of human error.
AMOB puts us at the forefront of the market in terms of minimal elongation and deformation percentages.
This happen because of the capacity of up to 320mm the booster tube bender device from. Once is the key in this market sector, is especially relevant.
As a result of the ability to combine both state of the art machinery innovation with proven tooling design and production techniques, we are at the forefront of the boiler production sector.
The CH-B Series
Booster bending: The pressure die assist/booster cylinder is integrated into the pressure die carrier head.
Compound Tooling: Machined tube groove matching the contour of the previous bend.
Serpentine tooling: Designed to exact centerline radii specifications requiring continuous 180-degree plane change.
Special purpose tooling: On request CH-L series can be equipped with a punching unit.
Online diagnosis: AMOB CNC models permit safe online access for troubleshooting

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