Tube End Forming Machine MB150/1
Tube End Forming Machine MB150/1
The Amob Tube End Forming MB Series  Amob pipe and tube end formers can manipulate up to 150mm OD tube and pipe, convering a wide range of diameters and applications. One to three station tube end formers have the ability to integrate additional punching stations, AMOB can cater for any application with our in-house custom design and manufacturing team of highly experienced qualified engineers.
With a small compact operating area, AMOBs' end forming machines can be easily integrated within an automatic production cell.
These fully hydraulic machines enable consistency, reliability and fast cycle times, and can be easily intergrate with a wide range of systems.

The MB Series Specifications  Automatic lubrication: To increase tooling lifetime and quality of the finished parts, automatic lubrication can be installed.
3D forming head adjustment: In all our MB models all forming stations are adjustable in X, Y and Z axis.
Quick tool changing: Quick change clamps and forming heads, tooling changeover and setup is simple, easy and effortless.
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tube end forming machine MB60
AmobUK Tube End Forming MB60-3
AmobUK Tube End Forming MB60-3
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