UK’s leading manufacturer of towbars invests in AMOB UK.

UK’s leading manufacturer of towbars invests in AMOB UK.

UK’s leading manufacturer of towbars invests in AMOB UK.

One of the UK’s largest manufacturers of towbars and towing accessories has invested in an AMOB UK tube bending machine.

Having completed FAT (factory acceptance testing) earlier in 2021, they look set to be the last installation of 2021. Based in Atherstone, Warwickshire, this company has set about forging a strong reputation in the industry for supplying the highest quality products possible. Because of this, they have made a sensible choice in investing in an AMOB mandrel bending machine! Not only are they now backed by AMOB’s UK based service and support teams, but also an entire team of designers and engineers who can remotely access their equipment from Portugal. Probably the most comprehensive backup support offered in the industry.

About Our Partner

Following over 25 years in the towing industry, AMOB’s newest client was set up in 1991. The company was founded with a small ambition that has grown ever since; ‘to provide the highest quality products’. It’s always a pleasure to work with a company that share the same values as AMOB UK. It allows us to start on a mutual level of respect for each other’s work.

The company initially set about their ambition by manufacturing and fitting towbars on a small scale in the local Midlands. As the product range and reputation of this new manufacturing firm grew, the 1990s quickly saw them establish themselves as a nationwide supplier of towbars and towing products.

CH-120-CNC Hydraulic Tube Bending Machine

With this machine, AMOB’s newest partners can use their CH-120-CNC hydraulic tube bending machine to further improve their product range. With a unique additional axis to assist rotation of their box section, the machine runs with a fully automatic cycle.

In addition to this, especially designed former dies, which include a crushing bead, helping repeatability of every bend. Without the central bead shown in the videos below, the deformation would be inconsistent and unpredictable. By adding this geometry, AMOB are able to fully predict and optimise the strength and aesthetic of the finished product. Crush bending allows for consistent collapsing where wanted. Without this extra bead machined into the former die, the crush will be different every time. Furthermore to both this and the extra axis, the split die system is a high-tech solution to commonly faced issues of bending box section – many issues that are not faced when bending round tube or pipe.

It is a privilege to have ended 2021 on a high, with the installation of this machine.

We very much look forward to everything that 2022 has to offer, and the opportunity to work with this client more, and more like them!

Towbars Ch-120 Hydraulic Tube Bending Machine
UK’s leading manufacturer of towbars invests in AMOB UK – CH120 Hydraulic Tube Bending Machine


Ø CN1 models control only the bend angle of the tube via NC automation. Operators of this machine are required to rotate and position the tube between bends, if necessary.

Ø CN2 models include NC bend angle operation and NC tube rotation. Operators of these machines are only required to position the tube between bends, if necessary. 

Ø CN3 models include NC bend angle operation, NC tube rotation and NC positioning of the tube. Operators of these machines can run all steps from the control panel to produce a complete multi-bend part.

 Ø CNC models include CNC bend angle operation, CNC tube rotation and CNC positioning of the tube. Operators of these machines run all steps with the press of a button to produce a complete multi-bend part, with the advantage of many more CNC features. 

CH-120-CNC Hydraulic mandrel bending machine specifications, at a glance:

As standard:

  • CH-120-CNC hydraulic mandrel bender
  • Maximum capacity: 114.3mm Ø (OD – outside diameter) x8.6mm WT (wall thickness)
  • X AXIS ACCURACY (CNC): ± 0.05mm
  • Y AXIS ACCURACY: ± 0.1°
  • Z AXIS ACCURACY (CNC): ± 0.1°
  • Maximum Bending Radius: 340mm
  • Useful Length: 4000mm
  • Hydraulic Mandrel Extractor
  • Hydraulic Pressure Die
  • Former Die Withdrawing System
  • Hydraulic Pressure Die Assist
  • Spring Back Compensation Calibration Storage
  • Wiper Die Support
  • Split Die System
  • CE Compliant Laser Scanner

Optional Extras:

  • SHS-RHS Tools (Compression style tooling – not mandrel bender style)
  • Additional Axis to allow box section rotation

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