What is Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT), and how is it done?

What is Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT), and how is it done?

What is Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT), and how is it done?

What is FAT, and how is it done at AMOB?

Factory Acceptance Testing (or FAT) helps verify that newly manufactured machinery meets its intended purpose. The FAT validates the operation of the equipment and makes sure the customers’ purchase order specifications, and all other requirements, have been met. In short, the machine will do exactly as promised, for its designated purpose(s). As the name might suggest, this testing is performed at the stage before dispatch, while still at AMOB’s manufacturing facility.

What is the purpose of factory acceptance testing?

FAT is not only beneficial for the customer, but also for AMOB. Factory Acceptance Testing is a valuable process to assure both parties that the machine has been developed, engineered, and fabricated to requirement. While this obviously serves invaluable importance to the customers confidence, it also allows AMOB to rectify any issues at source (as rare as these are!). As a complete turnkey package supplier, all machining, designing, and engineering is performed in-house. Factory acceptance testing allows any apparent issues to be resolved under the same roof, saving time, and money.

Remote FAT or in person

With travel restrictions faced in the past several years, AMOB have become experts in virtual FAT. However, in-person FAT is now regaining popularity. Regardless of any world events, Factory Acceptance Testing will be performed, and the customer can choose their preference. If a customer wishes, they’re welcome to travel to Louro, Portugal, and be hosted by our team of in-house engineers. Accompanied by your dedicated Project Coordinator, the team will replicate every bend of every part. This will be done for every set of tooling for the project. Alternatively, if in-person FAT is unfeasible or not possible, the same process can be performed via video conference call. From the comfort of your own home (or office!). FAT will only be complete when all parts are signed off as perfect.

Ensuring quality by using quality.

When proving a machine’s capability to the customer’s satisfaction, perfection is key. During Factory Acceptance Testing at our Portugal facility, AMOB make use of a Hexagon Absolute Arm 7-Axis 3D measurement scanner. By using this equipment, the customer can not only verify parts visually but also with precise numerical verification.

What is the difference between FAT and SAT?

As discussed above, FAT stands for Factory Acceptance Testing, and is performed at the manufacturing facility in Portugal. SAT, on the other hand, is Site Acceptance Testing. This formality occurs when the machine has been shipped, delivered, installed, and commissioned. It is the final hurdle to sign off. The beginning of a customer’s journey with their AMOB tube bending machine.

End of the road?

Once FAT, installation, SAT, and operator training is complete, this is in no way the end of the relationship between client and AMOB UK. AMOB UK are very proud to continue working with clients for the life of their machine. New tooling, breakdowns, technical advice are all just a call or email away!