AMOB UK: Ending 2021 and preparing for a busy 2022

AMOB UK: Ending 2021 and preparing for a busy 2022

AMOB UK: Ending 2021 and preparing for a busy 2022

As a year, 2021 saw us welcome many more members to the AMOB UK family. With 2021 ending as busy as it began, we would not only like to thank both our substantial existing family, but also the many, many people that joined in 2021. We are both grateful that you chose to entrust the investment of your company into AMOB UK, and also excited to work with you in the next steps of your journey.

So what’s in store for 2022 and beyond?


In 2021, AMOB once again improved its already advanced 3D bending software even more – keen to never fall behind in being the leader of innovation, design, and development. In addition to this, we saw the unveiling of our biggest eMOB series yet, the Super Heavy series. 2022 will certainly see even further development, continuing to be market leaders in forming technology solutions.


With no signs of stopping any time soon, the AMOB UK team have already filled a significant portion of the 2022 calendar with dates for deliveries, installations, and team training. Additionally, with more members of the AMOB UK team added in 2021, the ability for AMOB UK to swiftly support all customers is only growing! On-the-road engineers, and personal account project managers are just a few ways in which AMOB UK are undoubtedly leaders in customer aftercare.

AMOB UK: Ending 2021 and preparing for a busy 2022
Tube Bending Machines


As the founder of AMOB famously declared, the goal for AMOB as a company is to have an impact on the four corners of the world.

‘One day I will have friends in the four corners of the world, friends that the others tend to call customers’

António Martins Oliveira Barros (AMOB)

With territories spanning far and wide, across Asia, Australasia, and the Middle East, AMOB’s UK arm is far reaching. AMOB UK will undoubtedly see visits to all of these regions, servicing and supplying customers the globe over.


One of the most exciting parts of what AMOB UK do regularly are Case Study videos. Some clients are fond of maintaining their anonymity for trade confidentiality. However, many customers are extremely keen to show-off their advanced capabilities with their new AMOB tube bending machinery – and we are happy to oblige! It is very rewarding to see an AMOB machine strengthen a production facility, or open new doors for a client. In turn, this allows AMOB UK to provide real-world examples of the influence our tube bending machines can have. In this way, it is a symbiotic relationship.

These Case Study videos are set to continue, representing a key value in AMOB UK principles. Working together for the benefit of everyone involved